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Kanra's playhouse

Kanra's Playhouse

Welcome to the Blue Dragons wiki! This is mostly for my friends because I thought they deserved a wiki by now! Not much to say. But if you're ever interested in visiting my friends and me one day, just go to and look for the chat room name "Kanra's Playhouse" or "Queen's Lair". Now let's see if I can remember every regular and all of the back story cause I may as well write that too.

What the Blue Dragons even are is a chat room website and there was a chat room called "The Blue Dragons". Although we "disbanded", all the same people (well most of the same people) come together and still hang out. Usually there isn't any drama but it still happens. And even though things are calm right now, I'm pretty sure things will become more hectic in the future. But we've also moved to Discord and go under the chat room called "Mind Fuck". And now, we're back on in Gin's "Kanra's Playhouse"

Recovery Operation


History of the Dragons (Summarized)

Basically Hatsune and Gin were the first members, with Sakura, Nakura, and Hiromishima coming next. More people joined (Divine, Aoki, Starmine, Zac, etc,) and soon Sakura and Hiromishima revealed to be one person; Akari. Because of Akari's spite of herself, she went against Hatsune and the Dragons, but soon more then five people disappeared or left, including Hatsune. Gin opened his own chat "Kanra's Playhouse" and Akari came back to apologize. Hatsune came back, but only for one day. Soon Shizuko made her chat "Queen's Lair". In the end, Hatsune never came back which sent Gin into a depression. Then Nakura made "Recovery" to get Gin back. It worked (sort of) but he then deleted his chat in a rage of anger. Akari made her chat "Mind Fuck" to get Nakura back. And it worked. Soon she flew into a rage and closed her chat. Now Gin, after months of waiting (long story), is back in the present time and has opened "Kanra's Playhouse" again.

Chat rooms of the Dragons

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